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Meal Preps by Chef MEME

Meal Preps by Chef MEME were created for your everyday life. Whether it's weight loss, maintaining weight loss, or trying to live a healthier lifestyle, meal preps by Chef MeMe are super affordable, very convenient, and always keeping you fit. Her combination of creativeness will never keep you bored while wanting more!


Meals Preps are offered in sets of 5 in which Fit meals and Breakfast options are available. (Vegan/Vegetarian meals are available upon request). 10 meals are $65, 15 meals are $85 which includes breakfast options and 15 meals without breakfast options are $95.


A new menu with different selections will be available each Monday. Orders MUST be placed by Thursday at 3pm. Pick-Up takes place every Saturday from 10am-12pm in Southwest Fort Worth. Delivery is available for an additional cost! All deliveries are done on Monday within your available time.

(Meal Prep purchases are non-refundable after 24 hours) 


Thank You for your business!


See this week's menu below!

Meal Prep Ordering Instructions:


  • All orders are due by 3pm on Thursday each week. (No Exceptions)

  • Make sure that when placing your order below, you specify within the box which 2 meals you would like. Meal Preps come in sets of 5. (EX: If ordering 10 Meals option, in the box under "customize meals", you would put the name of the meals you would like.)

  • Once your order is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent within 24-48 hours with Pick-Up information and other needed information. (Please check your email)

  • When ordering, please leave your cell phone number so that you can be contacted directly. 

This Week's Menu

Smoked Grilled Chicken with Steam Broccoli

4oz of Protein and 1-1/2 Cup of Vegetable

Mexican Ground Turkey, Kale and Onions with Riced Cauliflower 

4oz of Protein and 2oz of Vegetable

Grilled Shrimp with Steamed Green Beans and Mexican Corn

15 Meals w/Breakfast - $95


3oz of Protein

BBQ Pulled Chicken with Roasted Swe

15 Meals w/o Breakfast - $105

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