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Chef Meme meal prep

Dametria Lenford was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX. She is the Chef/Owner of  Creative Cuisines Catering and Creative Prep and Nutrition, specializing in meal preps and catering flavorful food from around the world. Dametria prides herself on providing excellent service and a customized, unique experience for each and every client.


At the early age of 7 she started cooking with her mother not knowing it would become her life's passion. She continued to work in the food service industry while obtaining her Bachelors degree in Business Management from Texas Southern University in Houston, TX. 


After graduating college and many attempts to try and "fit in"  corporate America, Dametria decided to utilize her experience in the hospitality industry and passion for creating delicious food to become a Chef. 


She began culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Dallas, TX and graduated in 2014 with honors. Upon completion, she established Creative Cuisines Catering. Since its inception she has catered numerous weddings, anniversary celebrations, holiday parties and began weekly meal preps for clients who desire delicious healthy food on the go. 


Creative Cuisines Catering and Creative Prep & Nutrition services all of Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding cities.


Chef Dametria lives in Fort Worth, TX with her husband and 2 children. Although her life is busy being an entrepreneur, wife and mother - nothing brings her greater joy than seeing people enjoy her delicious cuisines.

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